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CyberSense episode 4: Email on the Run

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CyberSense episode 4 'Email on the Run' script

  1. FADE IN: Outside hotel entrance - daytime. SHAUN is red-faced and sweaty. He paces frantically as he talks on his mobile phone.
  2. SHAUN - I can’t believe it, Mark, I was only gone for a minute! What am I going to do? Internet access? Shouldn’t I report it to the police first? I know, I know. OK, I can see an internet café. I’ll log in and have a look.
  3. CUT TO: Internet café entrance - daytime. SHAUN enters.
  4. CUT TO: Inside internet café. SHAUN approaches the counter. DAX finishes up a phone call and smiles at him from behind the counter.
  5. DAX - Need a terminal?
  6. SHAUN - Unfortunately, yes. My laptop was just stolen from the conference across the road.
  7. DAX - That’s no good, mate.
  8. SHAUN - No, no good at all. I had a lot of sensitive data on it. OK, so which one can I use?
  9. DAX - Terminal 6, right over there. Here’s your access code.
  10. SHAUN - Cheers.
  11. SHAUN sits and mutters to himself, still cursing the thief.
  12. GRAPHICS: Shaun keys in Login screen appears. Shaun enters his user name and password. Email inbox appears. Shaun clicks on the classified attachment in the top email. Dialogue box appears, 'Would you like to open or save this attachment?' He clicks 'Open' and makes a call on his mobile phone.
  13. SHAUN - Hi, it’s me. OK, I’ve got the document in front of me. Let’s run through it. What? No, no, it’s fine. I can see the little padlock on the browser that means it’s a secure link.
  14. GRAPHICS: Close up of padlock symbol. FADE OUT
  15. FADE IN: SHAUN - OK, that’s it then.
  16. SHAUN closes the document.
  17. SHAUN (voice-over) - Yes, of course I’m closing the document and logging off. I’m not a complete idiot. OK, yes, I did lose my laptop. Thank you very much for reminding me.
  18. GRAPHICS: Document window is closed. Log off button clicked. SHAUN gets up and walks out.
  19. DAX - Hope you find your laptop, mate.
  20. SHAUN grunts as he leaves. As soon as he’s out the door, DAX bolts over to terminal 6 and opens a key-logger program.
  21. GRAPHICS: Key-logger program lists out keystrokes. DAX looks around nervously while he writes the keystrokes down. Then he keys them into the computer.
  22. GRAPHICS: Department of Tenders log-in screen. DAX enters Shaun’s user name and password. His mail pops up. And there is the classified email with the attachment. He clicks 'Open'. Checking around again, DAX plugs a USB key into the computer. He clicks 'Save attachment' and makes a call on his mobile phone.
  23. DAX - Hi, it’s me. I’ve got some stuff I think you’ll be very interested in... Yeah, Department of Tenders log-in, classified documents, email address book. Ought to be worth some big money, mate.
  24. REWIND TO: SHAUN - Internet access? Shouldn’t I report it to the police first? No, no, I don’t think that’s a good idea. Public terminals just aren’t secure enough. It’ll have to wait until I get back to the office tomorrow. I’m going to file a police report now. OK, bye. FADE OUT