Information security

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The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) provides information and ICT security advice and assistance to federal and state government agencies. This advice is also broadly applicable to businesses and other organisations. Our information security function is outlined in the Intelligence Services Act 2001 that establishes ASD as the Commonwealth authority on the security of information.

Effective information and ICT security

ASD is responsible for policy guidance, specialised information security training and professional forums supporting government information security. Specifically, ASD produces complementary strategies, standards, programs and advice:

ASD advises the Australian Government on high-grade cryptographic equipment and cryptographic modernisation. We make sure Australia is at the forefront of cryptology by keeping abreast of emerging equipment and technologies.

ASD also participates in whole-of-government efforts to promote cyber security to all Australians.


You can contact ASD with general enquiries or request ASD Cyber and Information Security Advice and Assistance on specific issues.