ASD Information Security Hub

The ASD Information Security Hub – still often called the DISH as it was originally named the DSD Information Security Hub – is an Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) outreach program to engage with schools, TAFEs and universities.

The ASD Information Security Hub provides opportunities for secondary and tertiary students to undertake visits, work experience, holiday programs and internships in information and communications technology (ICT).

Staff working at the ASD Information Security Hub conduct important research into the latest developments in information security, investigating and assessing new ICT applications.

The ASD Information Security Hub opened in 2012 and is located at Fairbairn, ACT.

Maths Appreciation Days

Maths students in years 11 and 12 visit the ASD Information Security Hub for a day of problem-solving, engaging with ASD mathematicians who share their career journey and promote maths-related subject choices for the students' future careers.

ASD Information Security Hub Work Experience Program

The ASD Information Security Hub Work Experience Program offers students an opportunity to extend their knowledge and skills in ICT.

Students are mentored by experienced ICT professionals working in the industry who have a high level of expertise in their field.

Work experience students may undertake a number of challenges designed to increase their ICT knowledge and understanding, such as:

ASD Intern Program

ASD offers an Internship Program for tertiary ICT students during university summer holidays. Students are engaged on a non-ongoing contract basis to complete a supervised project based on ASD's operational needs within its Cyber and Information Security Division.

Projects may be a research project, a review of a policy or guideline development, critical analysis of issues or drafting of strategic options. The sponsoring Cyber and Information Security Division team decides on the project the intern will work on during the program.

Projects can be based on current programs or future initiatives such as: