Information Technologist and Cyber and Information Security Specialist pathway

The Information Technologist and Cyber and Information Security Specialist pathway incorporates three work placements complemented by a series of courses over twelve months. Our graduates are placed in teams and will work on multi-stage projects that may include requirements analysis, design, simulation, experimentation, bench work, prototype development and testing.

The first placement will be in an area related to your background and will build upon your specialist skills. This is the area to which you will return upon completion of the graduate program year. The two other placements will be in areas designed to give you a broad range of experience and exposure to the organisation and its capabilities. Together, these placements will fast-track you to becoming an expert in your field.

ASD operates some of the most powerful, leading-edge technologies in a dynamic environment to support its objectives. The work we do is unique, critical and incredibly rewarding.

The following are a few of the areas within ASD where you could apply your technical expertise.

IT systems development

Information security

Capability assurance

Computer network operations and access

Project management systems engineering

Knowledge areas

ASD is seeking recent and past graduates and final-year students with strong academic records or high-level skills and industry experience in a diverse range of fields:

Career paths

Employment specifications