ASD graduate recruitment program

The Defence Policy and Intelligence Pathway offers an ASD entry pathway to recent graduates and those with post-graduate qualifications.

Candidates in the graduate program undertake a rotation-based development and training regime designed to kick off an amazing and diverse career. The program is designed to offer high achievers an opportunity to gain a breadth of organisational exposure from three work rotations over twelve months. During this time candidates will acquire a diverse range of skills fundamental to building a career in their chosen field, while also building professional and social networks across ASD, the Australian Intelligence Community and wider Defence.

The Defence Policy and Intelligence Pathway is for graduates with strong academic records in a diverse range of disciplines to enter our career paths:

Intelligence Analyst and Technical Analyst

An ASD analyst undertakes sophisticated analysis producing vital intelligence and security information for the Australian Government, performing such activities as analysis of foreign signals, intelligence reporting, communications analysis, foreign language translation or solving cryptological problems using advanced mathematical concepts. Learn more about Analyst careers

Information Technologists and Cyber and Information Security Specialists

An ASD technologist will use specialist skills to make a vital contribution to the security of Australia. Our technologists (‘techies’) find the work both interesting and challenging, as ASD uses some of the most powerful, leading-edge technologies in a dynamic environment to support its objectives. With this type of invigorating and highly technical environment, it is no wonder our techies love what they do in capability design and development, information and network security, and capability assurance and support. Learn more about Technology careers