Working at ASD

Is ASD becoming an independent agency?

In November 2016 the Prime Minister commissioned an independent review into Australia's intelligence agencies. The review recommended that ASD become a statutory agency within the Defence portfolio, reporting directly to the Minister for Defence. Proposed legislation has been introduced to Parliament to implement this recommendation.

Is ASD a military organisation?

ASD is a civilian agency in the Australian Government Defence portfolio. A number of military staff work here in an integrated environment.

Do I need to be an Australian citizen to work for ASD?

Yes. As ASD is a Commonwealth agency, you will need to be an Australian citizen.

Will I need a security clearance to work for ASD?

Yes. Due to the sensitive nature of the work undertaken at ASD, you will need a security clearance. The extensive security and background checking process will cover the past 10 years or from your 16th birthday, whichever is greater.

What does a security clearance involve?

To get a security clearance you will need to provide personal details including your family, financial and employment history. You will be required to attend an interview with a security vetting officer and nominate a number of referees. You will also need to provide original copies of certain documents including your birth certificate and passport.

Will I be able to tell my family and friends what I do?

Yes and no. The nature of ASD’s work means that many aspects of your working day will relate to classified material and, naturally, you will not be able to discuss these with friends and family. But there will be parts of your working life that will be within the unclassified realm and these you will be able to discuss.

Will I be able to interact with professional colleagues from outside ASD?

Yes. Interaction with professional colleagues is encouraged. ASD often sends staff to outside conferences, seminars and training courses.

Will I get training?

Yes. As we're a specialised agency it is necessary to supplement the skills and training you bring to the organisation with additional comprehensive training.

Will I get the chance to travel?

Occasionally opportunities arise to work at locations around Australia and, in some instances, overseas.

Is there a formal evaluation process?

Yes. Your work performance at ASD will be closely assessed and your manager will provide you with continual feedback from the time of your commencement.

Must my career path lie with ASD?

Not necessarily. ASD abides by the APS ethos of encouraging a flexible and mobile workforce, so opportunities for employment in other government agencies may arise. However, there are many opportunities for diverse, rewarding and long-term careers within ASD, Defence and the Australian intelligence and national security communities.